Eat with love


Not a renunciation, but a way to take care of yourself.  

Living without gluten is often felt as an unfair sacrifice, a source of exclusion, an embarrassment. But we are convinced that it can mean something else: eating gluten-free is a gesture of love that you make for yourself.

The quality that we always seek for our products comes from the desire to make this gesture of love more complete. To make it tasty.

Hands in the dough

A recipe book to discover new flavours. Your own recipes alongside those of the chefs.

Cooking is about uniting. Bringing ingredients together in a loving embrace to create new flavours that would otherwise be impossible. Uniting people around a dish, a recipe. Our products are just the starting point: share your favourite recipes with everyone and be inspired by those of others!


There's something to suit everybody's fancy: fresh, filled, frozen, gluten-free, vegan pasta.

Our love affair with pasta starts with the respect for ingredients, which means respect for your well-being.

We combine the experience of a pasta maker, who has been a forerunner of gluten-free pasta for more than 40 years, with care in the choice of products and the desire to always discover new ingredients. This attention is demonstrated by our certifications for gluten-free and vegan products.


After tasting and cooking Gusti Toscani's product I took a decision: I would replace all pasta - both "conventional" and "gluten free" - that has been used in my restaurant so far with fresh pasta from Gusti Toscani. 

Aside from their quality, these products allow me to optimize cooking times. Totally recommended!

Chef Marco Tossani - Ristorante Venezia da Marco (Weimar, Germany)

Chef Marco Tossani - Ristorante Venezia da Marco (Weimar, Germany)

When you have to follow a gluten-free diet, you have to pay attention not only to what you cook, but also to "the way" you do it! That means having double pots, double spoons, being careful to condiments and contaminations...

Ever since I discovered Gusti Toscani's pasta I started again cooking with a single pot for all my family, and the various types of pasta allow me to test new dishes and create creative recipes everyday.

Rosa Baviello (Gluten intolerant)

Rosa Baviello (Gluten intolerant)

Gusti Toscani's pasta is the best choice for those who, just like me, have to follow a gluten free diet without giving up good food. 

Eating this gluten free pasta feels like eating the "conventional" one...finally eating pasta is no longer a "sacrifice"! It perfectly keeps its shape and texture after cooking, and it pleases each palate. It's so tasty!

Giulia Barella (Celiac for 10 years)

Giulia Barella (Celiac for 10 years)


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