Fresh gluten-free pasta

Egg Pici

Traditional Tuscan egg pasta, pici is the ideal pasta for delicious, simple and tasty dishes.

Egg Fusilli

Egg fusilli, perfect spirals that trap seasoning and flavour.

Egg Lasagna

One of the most popular dishes for young and old, egg lasagna is excellent with meat or vegetable ragù.

Egg Maccheroncini

Maccheroncini are characterised by the stripes on the surface, they go perfectly with meat sauces.

Egg Pappardelle

Pappardelle are similar to tagliatelle but much wider, it is a typical product of our tradition.

Egg Penne

Penne all'uovo is a must have in every kitchen, it is ideal for simple but tasty dishes.

Egg Spaghetti

As good as it is a classic, spaghetti is the undisputed stars of our cuisine.

Egg Tagliatelle

Long and flat egg noodles, they are simply to be enjoyed.

Egg Tagliolini

Tagliolini are thin and totally versatile, they are great for both broth and dry dishes.